Friday, October 9, 2009


Well my family has been in our current house for three years. Before we moved in we had hardwood floors put in throughout our home(my youngest has asthma and both kids have seasonal allergies). However we ran out of money when it came time to do the bannister. Then this spring, I finally got around to calling about a quote. When the quote came in we found out my husband was losing his job so yet again we put the job off. Finally today the guys came and installed the bannister! I absolutely love it! I can't wait for the holidays to use it as just another way to decorate. I am also glad for safety reasons to have it. I have already fallen down the stairs 2x. The first time was a small fall from a few steps up but the second fall was from the 2 step at the top of the stairs. Lets just say my rear end was sore for weeks after that!
While the guys were working I made cookies- some for them and some for my kids- they love homemade cookies and milk when they get home from school. I also got around to making my first pie of the fall season. I am having company tomorrow and wanted to make something nice for dessert. well thats all for now!

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