Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Ties

Dropped my parents of at the bus terminal yesterday. They are heading back home. I had a great time seeing them over the last week and a half and I was sad to see them go. My dad is now 75 and I see how many pills he takes everyday. It makes me feel a little sad. My kids had so much fun spending time with my parents. They love their grammy and papa so much. On the last day of their visit, one of my children said goodbye to grammy but never got a chance to say goodbye to papa as he was out for his morning walk. My child looked so sad at the bus stop. I decided that this was one of those moments when it was appropriate to bring my dad to the school to say farewell. At the school my son bypassed me and ran straight to Papa. Three sets of hugs and kisses later and we were headed back to the house. I wanted to cry it was so sweet! It was a moment I will remember always and I think it really touched my dad too.

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