Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh what a night!

Another Halloween has passed.  We had a great night. The rain held out until we got back and My husband and I got to take the kids trick or treating this year while my mother in law gave out candy. My daughter was a black cat tonight, and my son was Jupiter, of all things.

The kids had so much fun and got tons of candy!  We probably had about 200 plus kids come to our house tonight.  All in all a success. Now the countdown will begin for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas.  My kids love counting down to anything!  Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The artsy duo

My husband was looking for a way to get some daddy/daughter time with my oldest. My youngest tends to demand a lot of attention from us and my husband thinks it is important to have that time with my daughter. So they set up a studio in our basement to start doing painting and pastels.  I love it because it means free artwork for me. I have also suggested that my daughter wrap some up as christmas gifts for grandparents, godparents and teacher. She is actually pretty good.  My husband is also doing some painting on his own which I think is great.  It is a great way for him to relax and get work out of his head.  

AMS is my daughter

Monday, October 26, 2009

Painting Frenzy

went to maine this weekend and even though we had family things to do, I did make it into 2 antique shops both in Windham Maine.  The first was the Ruby slipper where I found some great milk glass, and the second was pendexters antiques where I  found a few cute things. I found a really cute plant stand/ table there. It is just small enough to leave at my entryway. It was a dark ugly brown stain and I just primed and painted it today! Yippie! I love the way it turned out and cant wait to accessorize it when it dries.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some cool finds!

Had a nice outing with my neighbor the other day. We stopped by a favorite antiques market place and I found the best wreath to hang in my stairwell. I also went to homegoods that weekend and found this cute mirror to hang by my front door. I am still looking for a little table to put underneath it. I am also thinking of doing beadboard in this hallway. I am not sure I am up for the task yet. My big project coming up is painting my kitchen cabinet. They are old and dark and I can't afford to tear them out so I am thinking a coat of paint will help. I only hope I can pull it off. I am thinking it will take me a week or two to do the whole project and my kitchen is going to be in turmoil for that period. Looks like we will be doing a lot of take out. I am hoping to do this project in the next few weeks. I will keep you posted In the mean time here are some pics of my cool finds.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Bannister

Here are some pics of my new bannister. I can't wait to decorate it for the holidays!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Well my family has been in our current house for three years. Before we moved in we had hardwood floors put in throughout our home(my youngest has asthma and both kids have seasonal allergies). However we ran out of money when it came time to do the bannister. Then this spring, I finally got around to calling about a quote. When the quote came in we found out my husband was losing his job so yet again we put the job off. Finally today the guys came and installed the bannister! I absolutely love it! I can't wait for the holidays to use it as just another way to decorate. I am also glad for safety reasons to have it. I have already fallen down the stairs 2x. The first time was a small fall from a few steps up but the second fall was from the 2 step at the top of the stairs. Lets just say my rear end was sore for weeks after that!
While the guys were working I made cookies- some for them and some for my kids- they love homemade cookies and milk when they get home from school. I also got around to making my first pie of the fall season. I am having company tomorrow and wanted to make something nice for dessert. well thats all for now!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Ties

Dropped my parents of at the bus terminal yesterday. They are heading back home. I had a great time seeing them over the last week and a half and I was sad to see them go. My dad is now 75 and I see how many pills he takes everyday. It makes me feel a little sad. My kids had so much fun spending time with my parents. They love their grammy and papa so much. On the last day of their visit, one of my children said goodbye to grammy but never got a chance to say goodbye to papa as he was out for his morning walk. My child looked so sad at the bus stop. I decided that this was one of those moments when it was appropriate to bring my dad to the school to say farewell. At the school my son bypassed me and ran straight to Papa. Three sets of hugs and kisses later and we were headed back to the house. I wanted to cry it was so sweet! It was a moment I will remember always and I think it really touched my dad too.