Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tee is for ...

My son loves to trick scooter. He has been at it for a year, minus the 5 months for recovering from a broken foot (which he did scootering). Even after breaking his foot in 4 places, He is back at it and even more obsessed. So much so that he just returned from a 3 day scooter camp in Rye NH. He had so many bumps, bruises and burns from falling. It is a wonder he even wants to continue, but he does.

I love that he gets exercise and has found something that he loves, but I hate all the injuries. So I try to be supportive in anyway I can. I take him to the skate park once a week, If my husband can not take him. I also take care of wounds and ailments he may get. I decided today to support him in another way. A boy at school recently told my son that scootering is not a real sport, and my son was crushed. He came home and told me about it, and I decided that I would try to support his scootering in a new way. I decided to make a few scooter themed items for him. So today I got on my silhouette bought a cute scooter pattern and designed a snarky little Tee for my son.  It is just my way of reinforcing the fact that I am behind him all the way and that I support him.

So I bought a $3 tee from Michael's, washed and dried it. No fabric softener. Then ironed on the silhouette iron on transfer I designed. I centered it on the Tee and ironed it on according to the directions. I think it turned out pretty cute.