Wednesday, July 24, 2013


So as you know I am now eating a primal diet but that does not mean I am going without. I still bake with dates and a tiny bit of maple syrup, I eat whipped cream on fruit all the time (I make it in my ISI whipped creamer so I can control what goes in it and I have 85% dark chocolate. I also have a new love for a very special drink called CHOFFY. It is made of one ingredient, which is ground cacao beans, and that my friends makes it primal!
Even if you are not eating primal, CHOFFY is a great way to start, end or just get through your day. All you need to make it is a french press, a mug and some CHOFFY. The beauty of Choffy is you can add as much or as little to it as you would like. Right now my favorite way to drink it is with some full fat coconut milk from a can and a little cinnamon, but I also love it with half and half and whipped cream.  You also have the option of hot or cold Choffy!
You can even make it a great after dinner drink by adding some baileys or Kahlua to it.
I also use it to bake with by adding it to my banana bread, you can go to my Facebook page here to get recipes I use for grain free baking.
Choffy is such a versatile drink and a great ingredient to use in baked goods. It is high in antioxidants and is very low in caffeine, It is a great coffee alternative or a great thing to pair with your coffee. 
So I enjoy Choffy so much and I decided to become an independent distributor. If you would like to order  Choffy, you can go to my webiste and order online!