Thursday, September 24, 2009

The official start of fall.

Well it is finally here. The official start of fall. I am enjoying waking up every morning to see the leaves changing colors and drifting slowly out of the trees to my front lawn. I know that at some point all the beautiful colors will also bring lots of work in the form of raking but right now I am just enjoying the moment. My children are so excited to get the rakes out for another purpose. They enjoy raking little piles to jump in and have fun. Such a simple activity but so full of enjoyment. Here is a photo of my son on his roller blades. He is a maniac and I usually have a magazine in hand that I can lift up and cover my face until I hear him say "I'm Ok, I'm Ok" That is my queue to look up !
This is my favorite time of year. I love waking up to cool air blowing in my window. I love that I only need a sweater to go out. I love walking my kids to school on a cool morning. Just cool enough though. I don't break a sweat but I don't freeze either. I enjoy talking to my kids in those few moments alone. No distractions to pull our attention away from one another. I find the fall to be a peaceful season.
I cherish these last few weeks outside before the cold of winter hits hard. Then I will be back to indoor activities and projects. Back to painting and decorating, back to holidays and birthdays and back to counting down to the next falls arrival.

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