Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh the chaos!

This week is starting off very chaotic. Sunday we went to an art show for my husband- he did not win anything but I did as I already have the artwork hung on my walls. Then we went to a triathalon for the kids. Yesterday was not so bad except that the kids could not wake up in the morning due to sundays festivities and that I cleaned my oven and heard a pop in the process. I thought I broke the heating element, but thanks to a friends suggestion I found out it was only a tripped circuit breaker. As for today, we started out having to get up earlier then usual to take Dad to the train. After dropping the kids off at school I made my way to the nursery to pick up fall flowers and gourds. I then proceeded to come home and mow the lawn, weed, laundry and clean and now I am about to bake cookie for tonight's dessert and get a meal prepared for coworkers of my husband who are coming for dinner. Nothing like fitting it all in! I am looking forward to a days rest tomorrow, if I am lucky and nothing comes up!

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